Dana: Generosity

March 5, 2016

Generosity is the whole of practice. All of the paramitas, all of the precepts are grounded in a generosity that is a great relinquishment. We let go of  the entrenched sense of personal self  which clouds our awareness of our union with all that there is.  There are endless opportunities to give  in our daily lives. These specific acts of generosity derive their  energy and sincerity from this great relinquishment to which we aspire.

We relinquish a sense of solid and separate identity, but we do not deny our uniqueness. We simply begin to recognize its fluidity and to hold it lightly. We allow ourselves to be shaped and changed, responding to the needs of circumstances. We  begin to recognize that we are shaped by the circumstances and experiences of our lives. When we live this way, our life is the life of the world, and we naturally aspire to a wise and compassionate response. It is wise in that we aspire to see things for what they are. It is compassionate in that we try to see what action serves the moment most completely.

Our daily life practice is found in the many opportunities to forget ourselves in joining with these-called other. This is the wholeness of our lives. Our practice is to cherish these opportunities.