Taking Refuge

March 15, 2017

The instinct to seek a bigger, broader, more meaningful life occurs to us one day. We feel liberated just by the sudden awareness that such a search is possible. We are energized. An endless stretch into boundless adventure is possible.This sudden awareness may, in itself, be the essential gift of human life. There is far more to live than that which is obvious to us on the surface. A sense of mystery and wonder is at the heart of what we call “reality”. We are both daunted and excited.

This is a path of not-knowing and unknowing. We will allow ourselves to be here and now in the flowing-being of things. We will allow ourselves to experience the unpredictability of being. We will expose ourselves to the joys and anguish of being sharply aware of this moment yet in darkness about the next. We willed compassion arise out of the longing for comfort that such a circumstance evokes in us humans. How will we care for this gift that is both sharp awareness and not knowing? Will we even venture onto such a path? Will let it transform us? Will we allow ourselves to embody it?There will be endless invitations onto the path. Come! Plunge! Take just one step, and the another, and another…