Finding Home

January 6, 2014

Recently, upon hearing of the birth  of  a long awaited child, these words came to me:  “Welcome, welcome new life, original face… How wonderful!” Over the months of awaiting a new life we envision and fantasize so many ways that this new life will appear. Carrying a growing life is a most intimate thing. For that period of time we know the experience of oneness and difference. The intimacy is physically lived out in the form of mother and child and yet neither knows the other. One wonders and waits, the other knows nothing of the birth the mother is eagerly awaiting.

But the Oneness is more than the physical pregnancy. Years after the birth, possibly in the child’s adolescence,  the mother will come face to face with the universal Oneness that is the child’s own being, its own karma, its own task of making its way in life independent of its mother’s loving wishes for it. In this way the mother and child are equals. Each must make its own way. Each is empty,  form among constantly arising and dissolving forms, ancient sea.

The child who is born, the mother who has briefly been its physical home, each of them— what is their true home? Who is the one who abides nowhere?  Having made our home in each other, how do we now make our home throughout all space and time? Need we do anything special?  Hasn’t it always been so? Yet we often call it “path”.  May we be aware. In  every breath may we completely embody our vast and particular life.                                                               .