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Reflections of Buddha’s Birthday CelebrationCeremony Buddha's Birthday 2015

April 19, 2015

Buddha’s Birthday at Sensei’s by Lynn Palumbo

How the sky awakens each new morn,
today a deep pink marble with purple

veins, I mean the lofty trees, pulsing with life
like any sentient being.

Not fully awake, my habitual mind reminds,
Sailor take warning…storm by evening.
Seize the dawn, seize the day before we’re
drenched in rains, though these rains perhaps
shall bathe the baby Buddha on his birthday,
incense wafting through the air of reverence and ritual.

The weeping willows, though not sad, bow down
to the spongy ground, in gassho, it seems, I’d say;
the swamp maples, claret red, join the breeze of chanting.
And the pink and white magnolia cups, open silken purses,
like their little sister star magnolias, have surely made
of themselves a light for all to see.


April 20, 2015

Deep gratitude to all who created our third  Buddha’s Birthday celebration. Heartfelt thank you’s to James Ryushin Carney, Christopher Ryuzan McKenna,   Kathi Koshin Novak, Peter Nyodo Ott, Katrina Eko Durante, Andres Durante who helped prepare the space.

Deep gratitude to the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Monmouth County for allowing our Sangha a weekly practice space. All over the country the generosity of Unitarians is allowing Buddhism to begin flourishing in the suburbs.