This Month

Layman Pang was in his thatched cottage one day. “Difficult, difficult, difficult”, he suddenly exclaimed, “like trying to scatter ten measures of sesame seed all over a tree!”
“Easy, easy, easy”, returned his wife, “just like touching your feet to the ground when you get out of bed.”
“Neither difficult nor easy”, said their daughter, Ling-cha0, “On the hundred grass-tips, the ancestors meaning.”

Is it hard, is it easy? What is neither hard nor easy? Day by day, how do we best live it?

 December, 2018/ January 2019

Dec 26 Wednesday CLOSED – End of Year
Jan 2 Wednesday Zazen 7:00pm~9:00pm
Jan 9 Wednesday Zazen 7:00pm~9:00pm
Jan 16 Wednesday Zazen 7:00pm~9:00pm
Jan 23 Wednesday Zazen 7:00pm-9:00pm
Jan 30 Wednesday Zazen and Ceremony of Atonement* 7:00pm~9:00pm
*  “Ceremony of Atonement, this ceremony dating back to the time of the Buddha, Sangha members reflect on our behavior of body, speech and mind as it has affected  ourselves and others and atone for all karma arising from those actions, words and thoughts. Those who have taken Zen Buddhist Precepts are encouraged to take part, others are certainly free to as well. We receive all sharing as our own and pass no judgement. The ceremony ends with forgiveness of others and forgiveness of ourselves”. **** Roshi Merle Kodo Boyd


Future Events

** Precept Council Sunday Feb 3, 2019 from 1:30 pm to 5:00 pm in the East Room @ UUCMC, Lincroft, N.J. All are welcome.

** Spring Sesshin March 21-24 2019 at the Upper Room, Neptune, NJ

** Fall Sesshin Sept. 12 -15 2019

Contact if interested