Begin Here

March 16, 2017

When the urge to be still and quiet  occurs to us, we have received a  powerful gift. It would be wise of us to cherish and nurture it, even if only long enough for just a glimpse of it’s reverberations rippling through our lives. Act sincerely and directly on this urge to be still and quiet We will likely sense that responding to this desire seems to settle and ground us rather than pull us into yet further desire. When we sit still and quiet with nothing else to do or be except ourselves, we often meet, if only briefly, a deep satisfaction. In that moment, whatever we are is enough. We can be still and quiet. That already is the perfection, the wholeness of being human. That is the wholeness of Zen.

Now we begin the life of being here , being human and caring completely  for the vast life that we are. At first, though, we may feel only small and flawed. Whatever we think “right” and “good” may mean, no matter how broken we may feel, where we are is the only place to begin.