This Month

Roshi Merle Kodo Boyd Guiding Teacher Lincroft Zen Sangha

Dec. 23, 1944-Feb. 20, 2022

Memorial Service

February 2023

Feb. 1WednesdayZazenZoom
Feb. 8WednesdayZazenZoom
Feb. 15WednesdayZazenZoom
Feb. 22WednesdayZazenZoom

Zoom Schedule

6:50 Han — settle down in silence
7:00 Zazen
7:25 Stand/Stretch
7:30 Zazen
7:55 Service — chant along while muted
8:05 Council / discussion
After Council we chant the 4 Vows followed by the Evening Gatha while muted

If you would like to join us for all or part of the evening please contact for zoom link. All are welcome!                                       

Upcoming Events:

Council – February 12, 2023 – “Ordinary Wonder Zen Life & Practice” Charlotte Joko Beck – – Edited by Brenda Beck Hess

Forward and Introduction ix, xxii – The Only Thing We Need to Know & What Do You Really Want? pp. 3-9.

Contact if interested